City Council

aListed below are the volunteer citizens that serve on the city's council. If you would like to contact one of them directly, please e-mail or call City Hall. The City Recorder will direct your e-mail to them or contact them for you. 

Dennis Sands 
Term: 4yrs 1/2016 - 12/2020

Mayor Pro Tem

Joseph City Councilors

Pearl Sturm
Term: 4 years 1/2014-12/2018

Teresa Sajonia
Term: 4 Years 1/2014- 12/2018

Michael Lockhart
Term: 4 Years 1/2014- 12/2018

Kathy Bingham
Term: 4 Years 1/2016- 12/2020

Marty Hamilton
Term: 4 Years 1/2016- 12/2020 

Tanya Collier
Term: 4 years 1/2016-12/2020