City Council

Listed below are the volunteer citizens that serve on the city's council. If you would like to contact one of them directly their emails are listed below or you may call City Hall and the office will contact them for you.   
Teresa Sajonia
Term: 4yrs 1/2016 - 12/2020

Mayor Pro Tem 
Pearl Sturm
Term: 4 years 1/2019-12/2018

Joseph City Councilors

Richard Pointer
Term: 4 years 10/2019-12/2022

Patty Bufford
Term: 2 years 8/2018-12/2020

Lisa Collier
Term: 4 Years 3/2019- 12/2022

Marty Hamilton
Term: 4 Years 1/2016- 12/2020 

Tanya Collier
Term: 4 years 1/2016-12/2020

Citizens of Joseph are encouraged to attend our open council meetings held the first Thursday of each month. Agendas are available at the office 24 hours before the meetings and are also posted at your local post office and the City of Joseph office for your reference.

The more citizens that get involved the more input and feedback the council receives. This information assists the council in their decisions for the future direction and progress of our beautiful city. 

For information on the next council meeting please contact the City of Joseph office located
at 201 N. Main or call 541-432-3832 for assistance.